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Thermae Bath Spa

Terms & Conditions

• Vouchers for spa sessions and packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
• Vouchers cannot be used beyond the expiry date, which is printed in the online store on our website and on the the voucher.
• Please check the online store and your voucher for days of validity - e.g. Monday - Friday only.
• Treatments need to be booked in advance. Once you have received your voucher(s), please have your voucher number available when making your booking.
• You will need to bring your voucher with you and exchange it at the Reception on the day of your booking.
• It is not possible to change the make-up of a package or voucher
• Use of towel, robe & slippers is included
• Vouchers do not provide priority access or guarantee entry if the Spa is full.
• Children under 16 are not permitted for spa sessions in the New Royal Bath
• We do not offer treatments to young people under 18.
• There are no refunds on vouchers.